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Inevitably, there are occasions in life when our problems become too big to manage on our own. Times when we are feeling low, anxious, stressed, constantly short tempered or even frequently tearful.

It is at times like this that talking to a trained counsellor can really make a difference. Talking to a skilled practitioner can very often help us make sense of the difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences that we struggle to understand on our own and which may, as a result, be causing us to have difficulties in our relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

As an experienced and accomplished therapist, I am adept at working with many different issues including abuse, bereavement, depression, domestic violence, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, relationship issues, self-harm, substance abuse and issues surrounding sexuality.

I am qualified to work with adults and young people and essentially facilitate change by building a relationship with each client that is interactive, relational and based on trust and humility. There is no limit to the number of sessions a client can receive, the therapy is allowed to come to a natural end to meet the individual needs of each client.

The sessions take place in a safe and secure setting allowing my client to be listened to and understood but not judged – an empathic environment that allows the client and therapist to explore and process loss and trauma and thus create possibility for change through increased self-awareness and insight. This will eventually help the client to arrive at a destination which leaves them in a far better place, and in a position to lead a fuller richer and happier life.

Andy Zeller
Counselling and Psychotherapy service
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