What is Counselling

Counselling denotes a professional relationship between a trained counsellor and a client. This relationship is usually person to person though sometimes may involve more than two people.

The task of counselling is to give the client an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. It is largely achieved through resolution of problems of an emotional or interpersonal nature.

By providing an empathic environment, where the client can be listened to without being judged, discriminated against or rejected, the counsellor allows the client time and space to explore their feelings, thoughts and experiences, to learn and discover more of themselves, to explore early memories and experiences, to think about how the past may impact the present, to explore their anxieties and fears.

Over time this promotes in the client the ability to understand the origins and development of emotional difficulties, leading to an increased capacity to take rational control over feelings and actions. By becoming more aware of their thoughts and feelings which had been blocked, and by developing a more accurate sense of how they are perceived by others, the client gains greater self-awareness. The sensitive and attuned responses of the counsellor not only create the opportunity for the client to develop a more positive attitude towards the self and move in the direction of fulfilling their potential, but in addition can facilitate the modification of previously self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

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